PHOTOS: Goat With Six Legs Born In China


A 20-day-old goatling was born with four forelegs and two hind legs in Chaohu, Anhui Province, eastern China.

The unusual animal, who was nicknamed a spider goat, was born to two normal goats and his owner is still wondering what caused the mutation.

Xiao Qibin, owner of the six-legged baby goat, started running his farm about a year ago and owns more than 400 goats, but only this one became the talk of the country.

Siper-Goat With Six Legs Shock Chinese Farmers

Mr Xiao said: “During the labour, I saw the nanny goat was having difficulty. I saw two legs came out at first, but surprisingly another four followed when the kid was fully born.”

Siper-Goat With Six Legs Shock Chinese Farmers

At first he wasn’t sure if the mutant goat, which weighed 5kg at birth, would survive. But over time the extraordinary creature developed an astonishing appetite and now is growing quickly and healthily. Besides, he has become one of the most playful goats on the farm.

Siper-Goat With Six Legs Shock Chinese Farmers

The kid’s six legs were of similar length initially, but as he grew two of the forelegs became shorter than the rest and can no longer touch the ground. He said he will not take the kid to the vet to remove the two extra legs. “I want him to grow up naturally and happily,” said Mr Xiao.

The mutation in animals is becoming quite normal nowadays as more and more weird creatures appear: a piglet who was born with 8 legs, a lamb born with four eyes, two noses and two mouths,  a cyclop lamb with only one eye, two-headed snake and many more.