Photos: Buhari’s Motocade On His Way To Receive The Inec’s Certificate Of Return


There is a saying that success has many friends but failure is an orphan..I was driving around Aso Drive in Abuja when i noticed a considerable number of police escorts and private cars on the road. It was obvious that there was something going on..I learnt from a resident that it was because of buhari, as he was being accommodated by a top dignitary at Aso drive. He definitely had lot of guests who have to associate with him based on his recent success

The road was blocked and i was asked to wait because Buhari was on the way out. I waited and eventually saw his vehicle come out of the premises. Although there were many escort vehicles but i was caught in between his motorcade such that there was only one car between my car and the vehicle he was been driven in..It was when i got to the office 40 mins later i saw him on TV receiving his return certificate from INEC..I managed to take few pictures from the passengers side of the car and share with you guys!!.

N.B Buhari is the one in the ash color Escalade

motocade4 motorcade3

motorcade2 motorcade1