PHOTO: SA Lists States That Helped Their Apartheid Fight – Nigeria Not Listed! (Check out the List)


The final nail on the coffin of Nigeria’s Sense of entitlement?
Twitter user @Mokhathi recently paid a visit to his native Freedom Park in South Africa, a park/museum created in honor of the Black Liberation struggle and the eventual abolishment of Apartheid. And inside the museum rests a board/Plaque recognizing and appreciating the various countries that came to their aid in numerous fields during those trying times.

But what I found most interesting is the fact that Nigeria wasn’t for once mentioned on that list.
Take a look and examine the list yourselves:

When you juxtapose this with the numerous stories we’ve heard about how Nigerian leaders spent billions helping South Africa as well as arm-twisting the Brits by indigenizing their companies, it’s even more weird. Even Ghana, Tanzania, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Lesotho were recognized, but not the self-proclaimed Giant of Africa with its “Big Daddy” complex.

Isn’t it funny that, during the decade Nigerian military officers were spending those billions of dollars “helping” far away South Africa, Bayelsa wasn’t even on the national grid?
Isn’t it funny that, during the decade our “leaders” were spending those billions, numerous towns and villages in the Niger Delta had its locals drinking, washing, bathing, swimmig, DEFECATING, cooking and EATING from the same water source?

Isn’t it funny that the same country “spending billions” to “liberate” another couldn’t even boast of reliable electricity or a functional steel mill to aid its industrial sector?

This is when you begin to ask if the so-called ‘Black Emancipation’ spree, embarked on by our leaders at that period, was really an honest fight for justice or one big, overbloated ego trip meant to serve their interests and line their pockets. From the oil boom of the 70’s which only translated to flashy, nonsensical Jamborees like FESTAC77 and ECOMOG noise, were the 70’s and 80’s really about exemplary Leadership or just self-serving idiocy?

As a final shot, I’d advise my fellow Nigerians (especially our leaders) to shun this “pan African” foolishines and FOCUS on just serving the people who elected them, not some strangers hundreds of miles away!

Pan-Africanism is a FARCE. Has always been so; will always be so.

PS: E really pain this my guy! grin