Photo: Meet The Black Widow of Facebook


A glamorous 21-year-old model named Sofia Davila has been dubbed the ‘Black Widow of Facebook’ after police received reports from more than 15 men saying they had been drugged, raped and robbed by Sofia.

The young pretty woman posted scores of raunchy pictures on the social media site before seducing men online, meeting with them and spiking their drinks.

Officers had already received scores of similar complaints from men saying they had been seduced and swindled by a woman matching Davila’s description in the Argentinian capital, Beunos Aires.

Detectives now say the glamorous brunette has confessed to more than 15 robberies and will appear in court later this year.

Victim Diego Escalante, 39, claims he woke up to find his feet and hands tied and two men emptying his apartment.

He said:

“We had been flirting with each other for about two weeks and then she suggested we get together.
“We went to a hotel and had a good time and when she suggested we meet again I didn’t think anything was suspicious.
“The next time we met she came to my place and said she’d like to drink her own alcohol and poured me one too.
“I then began to fill ill and passed out.
“When I woke up my feet and hands were tied and there were two men in my flat taking my TV, stereo and other things.”

Two male accomplices of the alleged con artist have also been arrested.