PDP Chairman Mu’azu Reveals Why Jonathan Was Defeated, See What He Said


The blame game among top Peoples Democratic Party members is still on with the PDP National Chairman, Adamu Mu’azu, saying praise singers and insincere people misled President Goodluck Jonathan during the electioneering period to his defeat at the presidential polls.

Mu’azu, who is under pressure from some members of the party to resign for not doing enough to boost Jonathan’s chances during electioneering, took to his Twitter handle on Tuesday to defend himself and other members of the party’s National Working Committee.

Insisting he would not resign, he said those that were praise-singing and insincerely advising the President during the campaign period were responsible for the PDP defeat in the March 28 election.

The PDP chairman also said the low perception of the President and the PDP in the North
was partly responsible for the low votes they garnered from the region. Mu’azu, who is a former Governor of Bauchi State, stated that he could not have convinced the people of the region to vote for Jonathan.

He said, “The perception of Jonathan and our party in the North was at an all time low because of the lies the people were told by politicians.

“Those who blame us for not delivering maximum votes to the President in the North seem to have forgotten that it is the people who vote.”

Mu’azu denied allegations that he conspired with the APC to ensure the Presidency returned to the North.

He said, “I have repeatedly reminded many that I, Adamu Mu’azu, has been in the PDP since 1999 as a matter of principle and strong ideology. Those who insinuate that I did not do my best for our great party and Mr. President during the elections are being economical with the truth.

“In the face of abuse, insult and open ridicule by our friends and brothers, we supported our leader, President Jonathan, faithfully.

“I gave my best and my all to the campaign of Mr. President and the party. We went to every state in Nigeria to campaign.”

The PDP chairman stressed that those calling for his resignation alongside other NWC members were the ones that contributed to Jonathan and PDP’s defeat.

Among those accused of rubbishing Jonathan are his wife, Governor Ayo Fayose, Femi Fani-Kayode, etc.