Patience Jonathan’s behavior seriously irritates PDP Chairman – Read More


Amid the reports that the PDP chairman may be moonlighting for the opposition, speculations are rife as to the reason for this, if there is truth in this suspicion. An associate of the chairman, Adamu Mu’azu, while speaking confidentially to The Cable, said that the PDP chairman is ‘angry’ at the way the President’s wife has been attacking the North in her campaign speeches.

In fact, Mu’azu is not pleased at all with Patience Jonathan’s ‘disrespectful remarks’against Buhari (whom, it will be recalled, she called ‘braindead.’)

Meanwhile, a source in the Buhari camp further told The Cable that “there has been ‘indirect contact’ from Mu’azu whom he said is under “tremendous pressure” from his family back home not to throw his body on the line for Goodluck Jonathan.

Furthermore, the source added, ‘political currents in Bauchi’ have made Mu’azu more inclined to having General Buhari as the next president as against Jonathan.