Pastor Dies While Confessing His Adultery To Church Members


Bishop Bobby Davis in Connecticut, USA slumped when confessing his extra-marital affair to his congregation this March, according to church members and police sources, states Connecticut Post.

According to an elder at the church, Judy Stovall, the confession came about after a service,

After the service on Sunday the bishop’s family asked us to remain in the church and the bishop confessed to us something that happened long ago. He wanted to come clean with all of us. He wanted to ask our forgiveness.”

The congregation of Miracle Faith World Outreach Church, was reportedly shouting words of support and affirmation, saying, “We forgive you, we love you”, when the pastor suffered a heart attack amidst the brouhaha.

Davis, a doctorate holder in ministry, and certified marriage and family therapist, had founded the church with his wife Christine at his side in 1967, and they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently, in June 2014.

Source: Connecticut Post

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