Offensive or Simply Experimental! Watch the Video of White Guys Trying Out Nigerian Food


You gotta love the Internet… or maybe not! I found this video where Paul Elia (actor and comedian) chose a group of guys to sample ‘African food’. They were served Fufu, Egusi and Ogbono – Nigerian food.

So what did they think about it?
Definitely looks like clay
It smells like tang to me
It has the consistency of a booger
This is the slimiest thing I’ve ever had
How come these Nigerian foods sound like the names of gay black men
Now I know why only 50 cents a day would feed an African child” – This one really had me fuming! It took a lot to keep watching, just to see where they were going with this.

I’m honestly trying very hard to be objective and not be offended by these videos. I’m trying to think of the times when Nigerians look at Mac & Cheese with derision! Or the times when we give pasta dishes a look of distaste.

So maybe, just maybe these guys are just reacting normally… you know… the way you would, with something that you’re not familiar with.

The Nigerian in me is very passionate about certain elements of myNigerianness! Maybe if a fellow Nigerian had turned their nose at food from another part of Nigeria, perhaps I won’t have felt as irritated as I did.

Watch the video of White Guys trying out Nigerian Food

Maybe what irked me was the fact that they’re White! So, imagine my blank stare when I watched the next video on the playlist “Black People Try African Food For The First Time”

“It looks like leftover thanksgiving food”

Hold on Bro! Say what now????
Nah! I’m done. I’m gonna let y’all watch it and judge for yourselves!

Black people trying African food!

This stuff has got me so riled up… I just might dropkick the next person who asks me “How do you say ‘Hello’ in African” or some other ignorant stuff of that nature!


Source: Bella Naija