Nigerians ‘Tear’ Pat Utomi Apart For Calling Oba Akiolu’s Comments A Joke – Check out the messages



Renowned economist, Pat Utomi has added his voice to the trending topic of the anti-igbo comments made by the Oba of Lagos. In a series of tweets, Utomi defended the Oba saying he was simply making a joke.

See tweets below:

The arena of politics slippery slope. The remarks by the Oba of Lagos are inappropriate but all who know him know he talks so in jest.

— Pat Utomi (@UtomiPat) April 7, 2015

Have known Oba Akiolu for 20yrs. He says worse to me every time we see but I have no doubt he is fond of me. How do you tell outsiders so — Pat Utomi (@UtomiPat) April 7, 2015

Typical of Oba as he sees me: Pat go return our land where you built that Lagos Business School. I respond; hold Asiwaju who signed C of O

— Pat Utomi (@UtomiPat) April 7, 2015

In an unexpected turn of events, Nigerians on Twitter reacted angrily to Utomi’s comments. Read some of them below:

‘Pat Utomi is right. He is towing the part of peace instead of calling out the Oba’. Such stupidity and madness coned in one. — ‘Som Jolie (@ChisomBullet) April 7, 2015

Really @UtomiPat? is this the same Pat Utomi who represented the youth in Shagari’s era?Is this in line with making a comeback to govt? Wow!

— Jide ‘BBK’ Salu (@jidesalu) April 7, 2015

Et tu Pat Utomi? Ah! I can’t believe what I’m reading from @UtomiPat on #AkioluGate — Ohimai Godwin Amaize (@MrFixNigeria) April 7, 2015

I had huge respect for Pat Utomi but it’s all gone now. He’s another Dele Momodu to me now.

— ۞ NAIJA PLAY BOI ™▲ (@naijaplayboi) April 7, 2015

What do you think of Utomi’s comment? Was the Oba of Lagos truly joking? Tell us in the comments

Source: Stargist