Nigerians React to the First Decision of President Buhari – Read More


Nigerians overwhelmingly greeted the decision of Muhammadu Buhari to relocate army headquarters from Abuja to Maiduguri. However, not everyone is satisfied with this decision. Read their reactions to the first decision of the new president of Nigeria.

Nigerians React To Buhari's Decision To Move Generals To Maiduguri

The Defence Headquarter (DHQ) has finally confirmed that it will soon relocate its Command Centre to Maiduguri. At the same time ordinary Nigerians expressed their reactions to the first Muhammadu Buhari decision as president of Nigeria on social media. Read their reactions.

Exactly what is expected of a good leader in control. I see all those FAT Generals resigning now.” – Adeolu Sanyaolu.

“Change and Action begins as Muhammadu Buhari relocated the Army headquarters to Maiduguri. If you don’t know ask as no one is a reservoir of wisdom. Let’s see how soldiers will not wake up to their clarion calls, claiming 209 soldiers were coward and dismissed“. – Banji Lawson.

Yes, they should stop sending soldier and junior officers there, let them stay there and witness the field. I like that decision. Good President.” – Titilayo Adesina.

It is good operational decision by Mr President that operational headquarter should move to Maiduguri, which implies high ranking officers will relocate to Maiduguri. Led by practical example. The heat on Boko harm will be intense.” – George Aimienoho.

So if you are a soldier that is corrupt waiting for GEJ to stand looking while you sell arms to terrorist you will either die or get sacked or better still face mutiny.” – Peter Ogbonna.


That is exactly what is expect from a leader, This is what GEJ should have other the military chief to do since, all the daily activities of the military should have base in Borno state to finish up the so call Boko-Haram, but most people who don’t have knowledge of military operation and language think he was talking about relocating the whole military headquarter to Borno. What he means is full operation of the defence headquarter should be in Borno until they finish BH before they can resettle down in Abuja.” – MD Martins.

This is exactly what it ought to be. Let those generals that sit in their Abuja office to send our troops to a dangerous war without arms go and test the soup. They will realize how difficult it is before sending soldiers to life imprisonment. Well-done Mr President, I hope u will take this prompt and decisive decision against those that may think this administration is for their selfish interest.” – Pat Irebo.

Decisive action! First impressions last. The Generals have been sitting down in A/C room and giving long story. Now they have to go and feel the heat themselves.” – George James.


However, some people still have expressed their dissatisfaction with this decision.

“Total bullshit… Moving military headquarter from one place to the other will solve nothing… All we need from you is just an order to the soldiers to go and never come back until the forest is turned upside down and the so-called Boko Haram will have no more hiding place.” – commented Don Chi Montana Ibeh.

Where in the world that the Head quarter of a country the final stronghold would be brought before the enemy? If they get your stronghold they have gotten you. Every country protects their military headquarters, and seat of government, some countries when the terrorist is getting close foreign assistance comes and station there. How can a country do such a thing. I pray that this should not be a mistake or a system to hand the nation to Sharia or IsIs. Think twice. May God protect Nigeria.” – opinion of an FB user nicknamed Sol Sav.

This decision may look like a good strategy, but hmmm… Is it necessary to move the headquarters to Maiduguri? He can move every necessary office with officers and arsenal, but not the headquarters. May this not be a ruse to shift more power to the north.” – Adaora Oranye Arah.

“There are things that cannot be done overnight, moving command and control centre to Maiduguri is not the right step, if i may ask if Niger Delta start theirs tomorrow will he move the command and control to the region. And how long will he keep moving them, he should empower the army barrack in the region with more war heads.” – Ifeanyichukwu Palo Ukaibe.

It’s like Buhari hasn’t been in Nigeria. For over 9 months, the Military has relocated to Maiduguri. Why order what’s already on? Maybe he’s still suffering from jetlag!” – Obed Etobe.

Boko [Haram] has hailed this decision with hails of bombs. Hahahaha.” – Kingsley Onyeali.

President Muhammadu Buhari said in his inauguration speech that until Boko Haram is defeated the army headquarters will be situated in Maiduguri, not in Abuja.

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