Nigerians Attack Jonathan Over Silence On Fuel Crisis (Check out the Messages)



Nigerians attack the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan, over his silence on the recent fuel shortage, which is currently crippling the country.

The president seems to be re-enacting the same behaviour considered in large parts to be the main reason why he lost the March 28 presidential poll.

Jonathan failed to publicly address the problem of lack of petroleum products that is currently plaguing the nation to show that he empathises with Nigerians.

It should be recalled that the president showed the same silence with other problems in Nigeria.

When more than 200 girls were abducted by the Boko Haram insurgents in the northeastern town of Chibok, Borno State, President Jonathan was pictured the next day dancing at a campaign rally in Kano State.

He was also silent when terrorists reportedly massacred 2000 people in Baga, Borno state.

President Jonathan rushed out publicly in disapproval of the terrorist attack on a newspaper firm in France when he failed to make a remark on the Baga massacre.

With these experiences, some Nigerians have already determined that the outgoing president is merely being his usual self by choosing to keep mum, when he should have addressed Nigeria to soothe frayed nerves on the current energy crisis ravaging the nation as well as instill hope on the populace.

Read what they said on social media pages below:-


These Nigerians express dissatisfaction that the president had course to speak in public within the last couple of days, without using those opportunities to at least utter a word on why Nigerians have been made to greatly hunger for fuel and electricity and what hope lies ahead.

Musa Daniel, who was seen by the Daily Post disagreeing the matter in a news stand opined that, what has happened to the country and its citizens “lends credence to the perception that the President is really clueless; He cannot speak on the matter because he himself has no understanding of the situation. What do you expect from a President who surrendered the management of the economy to a minister for who he devised a strange portfolio as the coordinating minister for the economy?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s fuel marketers say they have reached an agreement with the government, adding that the crippling fuel crisis would end soon. The wholesalers stopped distributing fuel after alleging that the government owed them $1bn.

The shortage has had an impact on the country’s aviation and banking sectors, universities, public schools are also shutting.