Nigerian Man Jailed For 2 Years For Driving Into Police Officer In The UK (Photo)



A 22 year old Nigerian man, Michael Oluwafemi Adenibi, pictured above has been sentenced to 2 years imprisonment by a UK court for driving into a police officer while trying to evade arrest along Shepherd Bush road in London in October last year.

He was also charged for driving without a valid license and vehicle insurance.

Michael is accused of driving into Police Officer Sue Thomson when she tried to stop him for questioning.

When called upon to testify at the Isleworth Crown Court today, PC Thompson said she feared she was going to die when Michael consciously drove into her, clearing her with his unregistered car until she landed on high impact on his bonnet.

“Fortunately I don’t remember too much about what happened immediately after being hit, as I was knocked unconscious, but I have replayed many, many times what I do recall in my head since that day.

I remember getting out from our car and seeing the driver mount the pavement and being extremely concerned he would hit someone.

I remember thinking he has to be stopped as he is dangerous and then I was on the bonnet.

I couldn’t hear anything or see anything, and all I could hear was a loud ringing in my ears.

I was terrified. I thought that I had died. I was thinking about my nephew and how I wouldn’t see him grow up or that I would never see my partner again.

I thought of my Mum and Dad and how I had let them down as I promised that I wouldn’t get hurt at work and how sad I was going to make them”she said.

Michael pleaded guilty to the offence.