Nigerian man arraigned in UK court for stealing mobile phones – Read More


A 27 year old Nigerian man, Oloruntoba Adisa who worked as a bouncer in clubs in the UK has been arraigned before a UK court for stealing phones from clients who came to the club where he worked.According to Manchester Evening News, Oloruntoba has a history with the UK law enforcement officers with crimes bordering on stealing phones and money from some club goers. Few months ago, Oloruntoba was caught on CCTV stealing a Samsung S3 and £90 from a woman who had come clubbing. He hid the items in his coat and a search carried out by the club management showed he had 2 iphones stolen from other customers hidden in his coat.

Some months ago, he reportedly stole a man’s phone and called the man afterwards demanding for £150 in exchange for his phone. He was convicted in 2005 for stealing from his employee. Police believe Oloruntoba had sold over 300 phones on online market, Gumtree.

He now works in customer services for Transport for Greater Manchester and Judge David Hernandez, sentencing, sought assurances that he would not be in contact with customer’s property.

Giving him six-months jail, suspended for a year, with 40 hours unpaid work, and an order to pay £500 compensation to his latest victim, Judge Hernandez told him: “I hadn’t thought I’d be seeing you again. But here you are, standing in the dock in relation to another offence of theft of a mobile phone”.