“Never Ever Give Up” Read & Learn Something From The Story Of Sylvester Stallone



The actor, Sylvester Stallone was once so broke and homeless. He slept on the New York streets and bus stations with his dear dog.

Things became worse and he became unable to feed the dog. So for both to survive, he had to sell the dog at a liquor store, to a stranger.

Sadly, with tears in his eyes, he sold it at $25 only. That night he stayed up crying.

One day, after watching a Muhammad Ali fight, it inspired him to write a movie script called “Rocky”.


Hungry and tired, he stayed awake writing. It was a fantastic script.

He tried to sell the script and got an offer for $125,000 for the script.

But he had just ONE REQUEST. He wanted to STAR in the movie. He wanted to be the MAIN ACTOR, Rocky. But the studio said NO.

They wanted a REAL STAR. They said he “Looked scraggy and talked funny”. Even though hungry, he left with his script.

After a while, the studio agreed knowing that he won’t compromise, they gave him $35,000 for the script and allowed him to star in it!


That movie, Rocky shook Hollywood and the Oscars forever!

And do you know the first thing he bought with the $35,000?

The Dog.


This is a story of persistence, loyalty and dreams.

Source: Naijaloaded