Mourinho states reasons why he doesnt pray for Chelsea



Chelsea football manager Jose Mourinho is one of the most renowned club managers in the game of football today. For someone who has carried the Champions League title twice and won the native League titles in all the countries where he has coached a team, one would expect that ‘The Special One’ would pray tirelessly day and night for his team to emerge victorious in matches but the reverse is the case.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Telegraph, Mourinho explained that he is quite the religious fellow and he tries his best to separate his professional and his family life. He admitted that he never discusses football with his wife saying,0“It’s not her world.”

On the issue of religion, the 52-year-old football manager and father-of-two said:

‘I believe totally, clearly. Every day I pray; every day I speak with Him. I don’t go to the church every day, not even every week. I go when I feel I need to. And when I’m in Portugal, I always go.’

What does he pray for?

“For my family! For my kids, for my wife, for my parents, for happiness and a good family life. But I can say the reality is I never go to the church to speak with Him about football. Never!”’

Despite his intense personality on the field of play and in the dressing room, Mourinho claims that he is a good person.

‘I think so. I try to be. And I think I am. I don’t have problems with family or friends. I am a good family person; I am a good friend. I try to support people that I don’t even know. Do I make mistakes? Yes. My professional area is not only very competitive – it is competitive and emotional and [you must] push people for a certain kind of behaviour – absolutely, yes. But the professional life is only part of a person; a person is much more than that.’

Source: Stargist