More Trouble for Kashamu as he faces another case in Court



Senator-elect Buruji Kashamu, who is involved in the controversy over extradition to the US in connection with drug-related offences, is facing more trouble.

This time the politician has been accused of forging documents for a landed property worth billions of Naira in Ajah area, Lagos state, PM News reports.

Family of late Chief Ambali Bakare accused the politician of illegal purchase.

Shafiudeen Bakare, representing the family, informed Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Abeokuta that they possessed all the necessary documents to drag Kashamu to court.

“We are here to speak to the world on the fraudulent purchase of our land at Ajah by Buruji Kashamu under the business name of Bukas Kasmal International Ltd. We have been deprived of this land, and we have come to raise alarm.

“When some of those who purchased the land took him to court, the court ruled that we, the original owners should be in court and not a third party. So, we have been making arrangements to revisit the case by heading for the courts to get justice.

“Some of those whose section of the land was encroached took the matter up, but, unfortunately at the court, it was ruled that the plaintiffs could not take the defendant to court, hence, three years after, we are set to revisit the matter.”

Meanwhile ruling on the extradition case on Wednesday, the Lagos Federal High Court identified the latest moves by the NDLEA, that since Saturday had kept Kashamu under house arrest, as unlawful. The court explained that the provisions of the Extradition Act were not followed accordingly. Therefore the justice ordered the Drug Agency staff to vacate the politician’s residence.

Source: Naij