More Reasons Why Visa Applications Are Refused


US Visa

Be aware that the number one priority of Visa Officers is the Homeland Security, therefore, the first resort of the officers is to google-search every applicant’s name and to see what comes up.

A lot of people have never google-searched their own names and therefore, are not aware that in this age of internet social networking, a simple entering of one’s name and surname into a search engine will produce numerous results whether related or unrelated to the very person.

You might not yet be aware of what comes out of your name when it is google searched: most of the featured results are not of your own voluntary information.

Take a moment after reading this article and Google-search your own name and surname, and you may be surprised to see what comes up.

I know a Nigerian someone who entered Ireland through the UK to seek political asylum, his claimed was foiled by google search results that did not favour his pleaded case and as a result, he was asked to leave Ireland: the point is, this is a regular guy (who fits the profile of a nobody) who never thought that anything about him could make it to google search.

Visa Officers are trained to look for a single reason why a visa should be refused rather than to consider it for 99 other reasons. Therefore, for those who hold the opinion that their visa applications had been unjustifiably refused for what they consider “silly” reasons such as the “three times monthly salary” issue etc.

It is true that budgeting an amount of money that is “three times your monthly income” is actually not a good reason to refuse a visa application, yet this issue usually comes into consideration when a visa applicant does not have impressive amount of money as balance. For example, if a person earns N200k monthly, and he budgets N620k for the intended trip while he presents a bank statement with a balance of N650k, he stands a very high chance to be refused for reason of the vast impact that the amount of money will have on his account as it would take him more than three salaries to recover the amount that he intends to spend for a short trip, where as, a person who earns N120k monthly with an account balance of N1.5M can easily get the visa if the application is reasonably presented.

The formula.
Before applying for a visa, look at how much you earn monthly, consider it against your account balance and compare it to the amount that you intend to spend for the trip.