Mercy Johnson Opens Up on Keeping Her Marriage and Kids



Beautiful Actress, and Mother of Two, Mercy Johnson in an interview with Encomium Magazine on 19th of march 201 shared her excitement and the joys of having children, she also spoke about going back to Full Time Acting after she was on a Hiatus raising her son and daughter.

How does it feel to be a mother for the second time?
I am glad because it is a special thing and I feel awesome about it. Motherhood is something that cannot be explained. Every woman prays for it.

How did you shed the pregnancy weight so quickly?
It’s just my exercise and routine. I eat less and do loads of exercises, that is the secret.

How are you rocking motherhood?
I am loving it and I love to be a mom. I am not doing it for the first time, so it is quite easy.


The Actress who is working with Don Jazzy to produce a new track also spoke about her 4-year-marriage with Prince Odianosen Okojie. Speaking with City People, Mercy Johnson revealed the secrets to her succesful marriage.

Mercy stated: “Not everybody is lucky to have it all perfect. In the course of my growing up, in the kind of environment I grew up in, I always learnt that there is nothing as rewarding as understanding somebody and giving them their space. Pastor Chris, my pastor said as a wife, stay in your position. If you tend to move out of your space that is when there is a problem”

She is currently working on returning to acting, working on a personal movie called Despicable Me and others.