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    Mavin Records Appoints Chief Digital Officer


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    Mavin Records on Monday, April 20th announced it has appointed Tunji Afonja as Chief Digital Officer. Following a year of consulting for Mavin Records,Tunji will now be in charge of Mavin Record’s rapidly growing digital presence and will report directly to Mavin Records CEO Michael Collins Ajereh ( Don Jazzy ). Label boss, Don Jazzy had the following to say about the appointment “I am thrilled that Tunji aka @theafricannerd will be joining our team, “The digital space is an important focus as it is the front line of how we distribute our music and communicate with our amazing 5.5 million plus fans that connect with us on a daily basis. We are looking to take this distribution and communication to the next level with Tunji leading the way.
    “I am profoundly honored to work with Don Jazzy and his 6 amazing artists” said Tunji. “I n my experience working with some of the world’s biggest artists and labels, I have never seen a collection of supremely unique talent in one label. This makes me believe that Mavin Records has the potential to be the world’s most popular music label in the not so distant future. I look forward to working with Don Jazzy and other Mavin execs that include Tega and Bizzle to make this a reality.

    Over the past year, Tunji has been a special consultant to Mavin Records, helping grow Mavin Records digital presence across Instagram , YouTube and other various platforms. He has been instrumental in the launching of chart topping songs and music videos that includec Dorobucci, Adaobi and Godwin. He brought new digital initiatives highlighted by the social media fan music videos for #Godwin and #Katapot .Tunji’s stellar experience with building services such as Postargram for AList celebs and other digital initiatives he has spearheaded for some of the biggest artists in the U.S. make him the perfect person to help Mavin Records achieve all it’s goals in the digital space.

    He will focus on building the label’s independent platforms through apps and websites, positioning Mavin Records to be a more powerful and dominant label for years to come. He will also work with brands who have shown an increasing interest in partnering with Mavin Records in the digital space.

    Source: 36NG