Man With Wife & Kids Caught Stealing A Mobile Phone On CCTV In A Bank (See Photos)


A guy narrated How his Mobile phone Was stolen

Am sharing this story of an uncommon thief not because it realy pains me or because i have lost anything serious but because i want others to learn from my mistake.

Earlier today in the office we had a serious crowd because of the ongoing Bank Verification Numbers being allocated to customers and we all got very busy.

I took a break from the crowd and decided to charge my phone right inside my office,on getting into the office i saw a man with a lady believed to be his wife and 2 kids…one with him and one with the lady,they said they came to open an account for their children and i simply directed them to the person in charge of the account opening, plugged my fone and stepped out for a couple of minutes.

On getting back i found just my charger and quickly thought a colleague had played a fast one on me by hiding my phone maybe trying to teach me a lesson to be careful with it next time….i asked everyone in the office but no one claimed responsibility of the phone.
At this point i started calling the phone and it rang endlessly,the ringing kept giving me hope that i will find the phone because if it was realy stolen it must have been switched off by now…….

Having called to no avail,i went to the systems room and reviewed the banks CCTV,and saw every single move this man made until he stole the phone and left with his family.

I felt ashamed for and on his behalf and could only pray that God will touch his life to repent soon because am very sure what he will be caught stealing the day he will get killed will not be up to that my one month old samsung S6.

Not every responsible good looking man or woman you see out there is truly responsible….there are a million wolves out there in sheep’s clothings.

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  1. This same guy came to my office about a month ago, pretended like he wanted to open account, I got up to get him account opening forms and before I got back, he had gone with my Samsung A7. No one believed until we played the CCTV because he looked very responsible and came with his “supposed wife and baby”. This guy needs to be nabbed and dealt with. This she be circulated all over the social media.