Learn How To Clone Yourself Multiple Times In One Picture Using Your Phone



The picture taking trend has been on the increase especially with the rise of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, people everyday around the world take pictures at least once a day – the crazy ones, the funny one and of course the “sezy” ones.

In order to add some spice to your picture, I bring to you from the great Internet gods a tutorial on how to clone yourself multiple times in one picture for people that don’t understand what I am saying, let me break it down – you see there is an app that has magic powers which allows you duplicate yourself or an object, two – four times in the same picture -Ok I think I have muddled it up – maybe a picture of drake would clarify this for me

On a normal day, to do this, you would need to have skills in Photoshop – I am a rookie with Photoshop but if you want me to teach you I could, but why go through all that stress of editing and masking when you can do it with an app.

In order make your job easy I bring to you the Clone Yourself – Split pic app, FYI I have tried sooooo many clone apps but this stands out, with this app you can turn your camera into the ultimate cloning device and make a million clones of yourself okay maybe not million *scratches head*


1. Your SmartPhone
2. This app from Playstore or IOS
3. A Steady hand


1. Open the app
2. For this to be effective get someone to help you take the picture
3. Make sure the person’s hand is steady and you have space to move around
4. Take a picture
5. Move to another position and take another picture ( You can take up to 2 pictures with the free app, but with the PRO you can take up to 4 pictures)
6. Dassol, just mask yourself by using your fingers to outline yourself or paint yourself
7. Finito

lady sitting