Jonathan’s 5 Horrible Acts Since Losing The Presidential Election



If Buhari is said to have made some mistakes since winning the election, then Jonathan blunders since he lost his re-election bid must also be brought to light. Now lets consider them briefly.


1. Releasing The PwC NNPC Audit Report
Why didn’t he release the report prior to March 28th? Yeah! You guessed right. He knew he would have even lost Bayelsa state if Nigerians saw the content of the report. By releasing the report afterwards, he has shown Nigerians that he abhors corruption even though he himself MAY be innocent. He has also shown that he was prepared to win the election even at the cost of surpressing the truth

2. Sacking Galore
Choi! Baba GEJ has sacked over 4 persons since he lost his re-election bid (less than 1 month ago). From NPA boss to NHIS boss, FAAN and even the Inspector General of Police, non has been spared the wrath of a sour loser.

3. Accepting & Then Questioning His Defeat
Why did he publicly accept in the first place?
Is he now jealous of the attention Buhari is getting?

4. Hindering A Smooth Transition
Moving the date already agreed for handing over notices to be submitted from April 20th to May 14th is a covert way of jeopardizing a smooth transition. He probably doesn’t want the incoming government to do a thorough job of screening and scrutinizing the handover notes.

5. Covertly Removing Fuel Subsidy
By doing this, he is openly setting a trap for the incoming government. But angry Nigerians should know where to direct their anger.

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