Its not comfortable but … Some “Stupid” things Nigerian ladies do just to impress


Almost everyone wants to feel important and also give the impression that they are “big girls and boy”. A lot of women, in a bid to try to impress other people and belong, have done some “foolish” things.

We’ve all been there at some one point or the other in our lives. It’s a position almost every lady has found herself in at one point or the other.

So desperate are we to create a false impression and belong that we go way out of our comfort zone and make a total mess of ourselves.

The truth is that at that moment, we are feeling cool with ourselves, thinking we are having a swell time but later we get to realize, they are not as cool as we thought.

Let’s take a look at some of the “dumb” things ladies do just because they want to create a false impression or they want to belong.

1. Shoepidity (Wearing ridiculously uncomfortable shoes just so you look hot): Have you ever seen some ladies walking awkwardly on the streets with their very high heeled shoes? That is what we call shoepidity. It is not comfortable in any way, you are in pains and you’ve even got blisters but still you insist on wearing it, trying to impress God knows who. Some ladies would buy a shoe that’s not their size and force themselves to wear it just because they want to impress a certain somebody. Ladies, why are you putting yourself in pain because you want to belong? If you don’t have a car and you must wear those heels to an occasion, help yourself by wearing a comfortable flat and carry the heels in your bag till you get to your destination.

5 “Unwise” Things Nigerian Ladies Do Just To Impress

2. Taking private drops: A lot of ladies are guilty of this. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is wrong to take cabs but when you know you are not buoyant enough, take a public bus. It is very clear that taking public transport is way cheaper but some would rather take a cab even when they are down financially just because they want to create this false impression that they are “big girls”.

3. Buy things they can’t afford: Some ladies walk into a shop and they tell them the price of something which they know is way out of their budget. They still go ahead to buy it, maybe because a cute guy is standing close by or they are with their friends and they don’t want to ‘fall their hands’.

4. Shop at expensive stores: Dear ladies, just because your friend shops at an expensive store does not mean you have to follow suit. You have no idea how she makes her money. You could the same thing your friend bought very expensive at that store for a cheaper price in another store. Stay true to yourself and shop where you can afford.

4. Buying expensive asoebi dress: Nigerians are familiar with the Asoebi trend. Some ladies will do anything just to be among those wearing asoebi even if they have to borrow money. Some ladies actually get hooked to their future husbands during wedding especially when they belong to asoebi ladies. Believing that they might be one of those lucky ladies, some would buy expensive asoebi dresses even when they have no money to pay for it.

5. Starve yourself: Some ladies when they go out with a guy will be forming, “I am not hungry”, even when they are famished. Some would order for a very light meal just so they appear posh and classy. If you and this guy hit it off and you become more, he’s going to one day see you really dig into food, so quit pretending and be you.

There’s no need trying to impress people who don’t even care. People are going to like if they want to, irrespective of what you do. You lose friends by being fake. If you want to relly impress people, do something useful, which will win you more fans rather than engage in dumb behaviours that will hurt you and drain your pockets.

What other “foolish” things are women guilty of?