How A 21-year-old Nigerian Became A Millionaire Through Gaming And Vlogging


Olajide “KSI” Olatunji is “essentially” a millionaire and definitely has a penthouse apartment in London, with plans to airlift a Jacuzzi to the roof as well as a burnt-orange Lamborghini.

Olajide has some of the most expensive sneakers you can buy — and he got it all from playing video games.

As a teenager, Olajide Olatunji played EA Sports’ line of FIFA video games for hours on end in his parents’ home. In 2009, he began uploading footage of himself playing and commentating to YouTube, under the username KSIOlajidebt: a combination of a Halo franchise clan, his first name, and “British Telecom.”

After a year, “KSI” — as he became known — garnered 7,000 subscribers. Another year later, that number tripled. His boisterous, goofy nature captured fans around the world reports Businessinsidier.

“A lot of people think being at the top means you have to be the best at a certain game,” KSI tells Vice. “You don’t. It’s more about personality.”

Eventually, KSI dropped out of school to pursue gaming full time. He uploads 10 to 20 videos a month, mostly of FIFA gameplay, and earns money from ads placed on his videos. The more clicks he receives, the bigger his paycheck.

In one of KSI’s most viral videos, he competes against a rival YouTube star, Wroetoshaw, to make an in-game trade for Pelé, a legendary footballer and an extremely rare player card.

As of March, 8.892 million people were subscribed to his YouTube channel, making it the second-most-watched channel in the UK, according to Vice. His videos have captured 1.5 billion views.

With this level of exposure, KSI has had to reel in his “charisma.” In 2013, Microsoft ended its Xbox One endorsement contract with the star after learning of his “rape face” videos, in which KSI turns to the camera, glares, and smirks. It wasn’t the first time a gaming company severed ties with KSI because of derogatory and sexist content.

Still, the YouTuber’s rise to mainstream fame seems unstoppable. Since his channel skyrocketed, he expanded his revenue streams to include merchandising, music, and acting.

ksi music

Now KSI lives the sweet life. He moved out of his parents’ house (which he finished paying off) and into a central London high-rise, where he can see beyond the city from his window. KSI loves golden shoes, fast cars.

ksi shoes

ksi lambo

Source: The Business Aim