Guy Slams Mrs Aisha Buhari for Wanting to Scrap Child Marriage (Check out his message and how Nigerians Reacted to it)


Kamil Ahmad-Paki, his Facebook page says he is a ‘human rights activist’, says Mrs Aisha Buhari is so wrong for wanting to stop child marriage. Cos according to him, this is contrary to Hausa/Fulani norms and culture, and as such, it must remain a futile and unsuccessful assertion. A TILB reader called him out and sent me clips of their chat. Read and see into the minds of some people.Someone in the comments said child marriage reduces promiscuity. Another said he feels so ashamed that a woman of Aisha’s learning, background and privileged union with Gen. Buhari could nurture such an ambition. That shame is on her for her reasoning which is a taboo. That may she never see through in this endeavour bcos it is a plot to deprive people of their fundamental rights. That if he knew this was it, they will never have voted her in.Another man asked people against child marriage to tell him the precise age at which Mary was betrothed to Joseph and when she gave birth to Jesus (peace b upon him)?

Another man also said:

As a Muslim and as a father, I won’t let my daughter meet a boyfriend before she is 18, talk less of a husband because I feel 18 is a proper age for physical and mental maturity but in all honesty, I would rather she was properly educated first because she would be useless in her home and in the society if she has no qualifications.

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Source: Lailas Blog