Graphic Photos Of Ritualists Who Tried To Kidnap A Boy (See Photos)

It was a terrible experience this morning at my farm located at Odoyanta, Ijebu Ode. I just finished feeding the fish, so on my way back I heard a loud noise and the noise was coming from the father of the boy working for me although the man speaks in Igbo language. I had to ask the boy working for me to translate what his father said. He told me that his father said there are ritualist in the bush that they’ve taken someone from a fish farm nearby. That we should come out on time.It happened that the ritualist tried to kidnap a fish farmer. They have succeeded in beating and chaining him like a dog. It was while the incident was going on that someone in the bush saw them and quickly ran back to town to alert guys in the community.

They were able to arrest two out of the three ritualist and the last one escape. The woman who is iyalode in the town was behind the operation

Here are the pictures: pic 1 and 2 are the kidnappers, pic 3 is the iyalode of the town and pic 4 is the guy they were trying to kidnap and use for rituals