Funniest Twitter Comments On Drake’s Epic Reaction To Madonna’s Kiss


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Everyone is talking about that crazy moment during the Coachella Music Festival in America when pop icon, Madonna stuck her tongue down Aubrey Graham aka Drake’s mouth in a forced kiss that left Drizzy looking somewhat disgusted. See some of the reactions of people on Twitter:

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madonna is like that trainwreck distant relative who hits on boyfriends/husbands regardless of their age at every family gathering

— Sian Fitzpatrick (@PrincessDisiana) April 13, 2015

Grandma: give Nana some suga Drake: no no noooooo!!! #Madonna #Drake — Mone’[+] (@paradise_lova) April 13, 2015


Madonna is that aunt that no matter how far you turn your head she still kisses you on the lips

— allin (@allintrinsic) April 13, 2015

#Drake and #Madonna #Kiss The Kiss Of Death…. FINISH HIM!

— IAM FRANDYMVP (@Frandymvp) April 13, 2015

The kiss of Madonna

— Supreme Del Rey (@lanadelxslay) April 13, 2015

Source: Stargist