Ex Minister Tony Momoh Reveals what Buhari will do to elected officials who disobey the Law – Read More


With barely 20 days to the inauguration of General Muhammadu Buhari, former Minister of Information and Culture, Prince Tony Momoh, has stated that the incoming president will not tolerate corruption.

Prince Momoh noted that any corrupt elected official who is found compromising his position will be jailed by the president-elect, Leadership reports.

Corrupt Officials In Buhari’s Govt Will Be Jailed – Momoh

Momoh, who was spoke during the maiden meeting of the One Voice Nigeria (OVN)-Discourse/Leadership Colloquium, also stated that the Buhari administration will follow fully, the rule of law and would not in any way tolerate any one compromising his position.

He commended the group for putting up a formidable force that fought tirelessly through the social media which aided a great deal in the presidential victory of Buhari during the general election.

Corrupt Officials In Buhari’s Govt Will Be Jailed – Momoh

“We didn’t have money for space in newspaper and to talk in the radio or television station about ourselves. If election was to have been conducted in radio and newspapers, we would have lost. But it was the voters that had the say, and they voted for Buhari,” he said.

The ex-minister also described Buhari as a simple man who did things without compromise and urged elected officials to be prepared to emulate the president-elect by following the rules and regulations without attempting to bend them.

Over the last four years, there have been several alarming and scandalous cases of corruption in Nigeria. Some perpetrators have been taken to court, some cases were never even investigated as many of the cases remain unsolved.

Many were of the opinion that President Goodluck Jonathan’s inability to expunge corruption, dented his chances of a second term. No wonder a 72-year-old former dictator-General Muhamadu Buhari intelligently capitalized on this singular factor (corruption) to win a historic presidential election with the slogan of “change”.

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