Divorce Saga Gets Messier As Abigail Igwe Makes More Allegations Against John Fashanu


After trading few words with her estranged husband, Adaeze Yobo’s mum, Abigail Igwe has fully responded to the allegations of her ex-John Fashanu.


Recall that he initially accused her of being a lesbian, a greedy wife and being violent. she has again cleared the air on allegations in a recent chat with Encomium magazine.

“All the things he told you are lies. No media house that wants to survive should listen to John Fashanu.He’s a chronic liar. He’s a drowning man who is looking for another person to drown with. Is it a man that should be ranting or a woman? He’s the one that is hurt that I kicked him out. Who does not know him?

I was ashamed that I lived with such a man. I didn’t know what to say. People will say were you not told? Is it a secret that he’s like that? I’m not such a loud person. That’s why I quietly closed the chapter.”, she said.

Slamming the ex-footballer more, the embittered woman continued, “I’ve kicked him out so many times. He kept doing a lot of things. It was about fraud initially. He was continually defrauding people. That he had a wife that is a lawyer.

He defrauded many footballers, we saw him on TV. N2 million from them, from poor families.He threatened them with guns. And they’d be crying.I kept kicking him out of my house. It was few months after, about a year. That I first kicked him out.”

The pretty divorcee who is spotted recently with her daughter and Grandson, narrated how she caught her ex-husband with her maid in bed.

“The first one was in my house red-handed. I was travelling, and he said he wanted to live in my house. That he would miss me.

I came back, accompanied by my friend. She was driving. I was looking for evidence. I told her that I was getting ready for divorce. When we came in and opened the door, I caught them Unclad.

The house girl is Igbo, and she ran. I called her came back. I spoke in Igbo. I told her that this man is poo. I cannot go back to him, that she should not worry. When the girl asked if I had forgiven her, I said yes. I said she should go back.
She said the cook had warned her to stop sleeping with John.

How can a man say his wife stole N1 million? He should be ashamed. He used to steal my money. I never asked him.
I told my friend to pick the maid’s trousers and slippers…

They were all ashamed. My friend picked the items and ran.
John chased my friend and in the process, bashed my car. My friend kept running. I needed the evidence to go to court.

He later called my pastor. That he should calm me down.

My pastor said I should forget about him. That I should leave him. That the trouble was too much.

He told my pastor that I should not go to court now. That I should allow the separation first. He went to pastor to ask him to beg that I should come back. My pastor can testify.”

Source: Nigeria Films

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