Disgraceful – 29-yr-old Nigerian arrested for drug trafficking in Thailand


Onyejiekwe Morgan Chinemerem, 29, has been arrested by the Thailand Metropolitan Police in his rented room in Bangkok for allegedly being the mastermind a crystal methamphetamine and cocaine sales ring,Thailand News reports.


He was arrested in a sting operation with 31.47 grams of crystal methamphetamine, known on the streets as “ice” and 889.63 grams of cocaine. This was made known by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Police Lt Gen Sriwarah Rangsitpramkul and Police Colonel Suthep Chanasit, an inspector of the Metropolitan Police Division 4, in a press conference at 4 pm on Tuesday, 29th of April.

According to Suthep, the Nigeria man was arrested at the stairway between the 8th and 9th floors of HR Residence in the Bang Kapi District while trying to flee.

He said the police got tips that Nigerian men living on the 9th floor of Building 17 of the HR Residence have been involved in the sale of hard drugs by hiring a Thai man, who was identified only as ‘M’ as their courier/delivery boy.

Thus, the police set up a sting operation that involved police informant getting across to M asking him to purchase the crystal meth and cocaine from him.

M then told the Nigerian men that a customer would like to buy 30 grammes of crystal meth and 200 grams of cocaine for 460,000 bahts (about $14,000 or almost N3 million) said Suthep.

M led the detectives to the room of the Nigerian men to buy the drugs and it was there the police found two Nigerians in the room.

Once the police identified them, the two suspects ran out of the room, one escaped while Chinemerem was arrested at the stairway and he later confessed that he and his friend were responsible for smuggling the drugs to sell mainly using post parcels.

The charges levelled against him include the possession of crystal methamphetamine and cocaine with the intention to sell.

The punishment for drug trafficking in Thailand is death.

Source: Pulse

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