D’Bbanj Debunks Rumour Of His Arrest – Read his response




Popular Nigerian singer, D’Banj, has been surrounded with controversies tailing an alleged courtcase he refused to show up for in court last Wednesday.

The reports claimed D’Banj who failed to show up for the case filed against him for allegedly failing to pay a huge debt was arrested by some security personnel.

But D’Banj has however denied such claims through his manager Danku.

Danku in an interview with the Nigerian Tribune disclosed,

“As I speak to you, D’Banj is not in Nigeria. He left for Washington DC, United States, on Wednesday for a show organised by the World Bank. It has come to our notice that such ugly stories are only published when D’Banj is not in Nigeria. He travelled on Wednesday and this arrest story went viral on Thursday. That has been the trend. We know those who plant these stories. They are close to D’Banj”.

He continued,

But the truth is that D’Banj has gone into a business deal with some people who eventually ruined his business. When he decided to arrest these guys, they resorted to using some compromised bloggers and print media men to attack him. Professionally, these guys should have sought D’Banj’s views, but they didn’t do that.“I am happy that a reputable media house, Tribune, has done what is right. A section of the media is out to scandalise D’Banj. This has been going on for a long time, but D’Banj will not be distracted with the cooked-up stories of these compromised people. My artiste does not owe anybody and neither was he arrested by policemen as reported months ago.“The picture of his arrest that was posted months ago is actually the picture of D’Banj with his paid-for officers. It was used to create the impression that they were arresting D’Banj, while, in actual fact, it was one of the many pictures that D’Banj had taken with lots of people. The officers are D’Bnaj’s men, period.“Rather than come to apologise to the guy for ruining his company, these losers are running all over the media houses spreading false stories about D’Banj so that he won’t have time to prosecute them for ruining his business”.

Source: Stargist