Daughter of Kidnapped Lecturer Shames Police for ‘Lying’ – Read More



The daughter of one of the alleged rescued persons, who were kidnapped in Ekiti State, claims that nobody saved her father from the kidnappers because they paid the requested ransom.

Reportedly, Seyi Olaoluwa, the daughter of Dr. Femi Omisore, said the police lied about rescuing 10 victims from the hands of the kidnappers on Saturday, May 23.

Dr. Omisore, a lecturer in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, was kidnapped penultimate Saturday on his way to Oye Ekiti, for a funeral ceremony. His driver was killed by the abductors, who also shot at the fuel tank of his car, making it to go into flames.

According to the Punch, Olaoluwa disclosed that the victims, including her father, were released by the kidnappers after their relations have paid the specified amount of ransom requested by the kidnappers.

“It’s a lie. They were not rescued by anybody. The vigilantes did not rescue them; we paid ransom. Everybody paid ransom before they were released.

“We paid ransom on Wednesday. My brother was the one that took the ransom to Benin Road. The people said we should come to Akure. When they got to Akure, they asked them to come towards Benin Road. They used the phone to trail them until they got to somewhere nearly Benin,” she said.

She further revealed that the kidnappers directed them towards a forest before Benin, where they showed them the money some of the victims’ relations had paid.

“They were so confident that they said everybody must pay before the victims would be released. We paid our own on Wednesday. So, I believe that it was when all the relations of the victims had paid that they decided to release them. For the police to claim to have released them is not true,” she added.

However, Olaoluwa did not specify how much was paid for Omisore’s release.

Today, the Nigerian Police Force shared their achievement to Facebook users, claiming to have successfully rescued ten persons from kidnappers.

Source: Naij