Dailymail In A Bid To Stain MP Chuka Ummuna’s Image Exposes His Secret Club Life – Read More


Uk’s dailymail a few hours ago published a front page article on UK born Nigerian who had recently won a seat in the parliament and was on his way to lead the UK Labor Party before changing his mind.  An article which seemed rather to paint Mr Ummuna in a bad light was filled with typos and inconsistencies, perhaps it was published in a rush.

The article read; “Exposed! Chuck-it-in Chuka’s shady secret: Labour MP belongs to members-only ‘den’ where he has his own £300 cognac locker and a bar named after him – so is this what rattled leadership contender?”

If you looked well, you will see the typo in that head liner. The article went on to make more pointers;

  • Bookies’ favourite Chuka Umunna MP shocked the nation and the party by announcing his shock withdrawal from the Labour leadership contest
  • He said he wasn’t ready to put himself and family through scrutiny that comes with battling for the top spot prompting questions into background 
  • It’s since emerged that he is a member of the exclusive M Den club behind the Bank of England which sells £150 steaks and cognac up to £4,000
  • Umunna keeps a £300 cognac locker and has one of fifty electronic keys to a secret entrance to the restaurant, opened by his friend Tinie Tempah
  • ‘Boys playground’ is so exclusive that MasterChef presenters Gregg Wallace and John Torode had membership applications turned down

Looking at this, you will see evidence of bad-blood and clear machinations to break a man who has been persuading voters to embrace Labour’s work and welfare policies. Dailymail’s article painted Chuka as playboy and expensive spender pointing out that members of the Den have tended to be sporting legends, musicians and leaders of industry.

Some part of the article read; 

Though membership is highly exclusive, it is complimentary, but the M Den is anything but cheap. Nicknamed the ‘boys’ playground’, it’s packed with expensive toys and artwork. A £10,000 pop art picture of a topless woman leaning over a snooker table by American photographer Miles Aldridge hangs on the wall next to a £4,000 Bonzini table football table and a selection of PlayStation computer games can be played on the room’s £10,000 mirrored television. Even the M&M chocolates are individually monogrammed with the club’s logo.

Though critics might see Chuka as a champagne socialist, the speciality at the M Den is cognac – and it is sold at eye-wateringly expensive prices. The most popular is the Hennessy Paradis Imperial Cognac, which sells for £3,500 per bottle. The cheapest bottle of cognac costs £300.

The Den has ‘Bottle Lockers’ so members can store leftovers in between visits. There are only 18 lockers and they are reserved for special members such as Chuka.

 The 36-year-old said in a statement on Friday that he was not comfortable with the level of ‘pressure and scrutiny’ that came with a leadership campaign.

Former DJ Chuka has been to the M Den so often of late he has been given one of 50 coveted electronic entry keys, according to the club’s manager. This key gains entry to the club through a disguised door on the upper floor of the restaurant, called M, which opened last November with a 90-minute show by rap star Tinie Tempah. Inside, is a louche world of wealth and networking most of Chuka’s constituents in Streatham could only dream of accessing.

Described on the M restaurant’s website as a place where guests ‘can get up to mischief’, it’s so exclusive that even celebrity status does not guarantee access – MasterChef presenters Gregg Wallace and John Torode recently applied for membership but were turned down.

The club encourages networking but members can choose to have complete privacy and even manage their own bar should they wish.

The club recently even opened a polo-themed pop-up bar for the summer and named it Chuka.’

The Chuka bar – which, unlike the Den, is open to anyone who can afford the prices – opened in April with champion polo player Henry Brett riding through the restaurant on a real polo pony.

A spokesman for Mr Umunna initially said that he had never heard of the club and insisted Chuka had never been, but when pressed later admitted that he is a regular but said he did not have an entry key.

Mr Umunna’s withdrawal from the Labour leadership race was said to have delighted the Tories, who feared the Shadow Business Secretary more than the other candidates.

Now that Chuka is out of the way, the Labour leadership contest now has all the appeal of Hamlet without the Prince, underlining the dullness of Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and co. If anything, the aura surrounding him is even greater now than before.

Whoever succeeds Ed Miliband will be the Labour leader, but there will still be only one star: Chuka.

Source: The Business Aim