Cossy Orjiakor Talks New Movie, Why She Was ‘Broke’ On Set



Actress Cossy Orjiakor has explained how she planned to shoot her latest movie for just one week but ended up shooting it for almost three weeks due to some circumstances beyond her control. According to her, shooting the movie for more than one week attracted more hotel bills for cast and crew and it will also automatically make her spend more money on feeding them. She said the only way she can escape being over taxed was for her to declare she was broke, which she did. She however laughed off the allegations that she could be really broke, saying its okay to be broke. Also read below why the movie has not yet been completed.

“The picture that surfaced online was taken on the set of a movie that I just shot. I am almost done with the movie and it is about the lifestyle of the daughters of politicians. I love it when I have very beautiful people in my movies. Anita Joseph is a very beautiful lady. She is very curvy. I have big boobs too, so it would make the movie more attractive to watch.

“The movie is almost finished; all that remains is a scene that I have to do in a yacht. The lead character is currently in the US and he would not be back until two weeks’ time for us to shoot that part. I thought I was going to finish the movie in a week and that was what I based my budget on but it extended to three weeks. That was an unexpected occurrence because I had to pay hotel and feeding bills for my cast. I did not really foresee that happening.

“Maybe at a point, I told them I was broke so that they would take it easy on me. Somebody must have taken my word literally but it is okay to be broke. It is not a bad thing to be broke for a while. I do not really care about what people say about me. If they owed me money, I would have been more concerned. I have done my movie already; it just remains a scene for it to be complete and once my lead character is back, I will complete it. I paid all the people I employed but the director introduced some people to me on set. I did not sort out people that were begging to be part of my movie production but I made sure that I paid everyone that I invited. I paid them all their fees and some people were telling me that I should have given them part payment because they could walk out on me but if I owe them, they wouldn’t,” she said

Source: Naijaloaded