Common Lies Lecturers Tell Female Students In The Classroom


Universities including privately owned institution lecturer engage in different act. In some students handbook under the title: professional ethics committee code of conduct for staff and students, lecturer where advised”not victimize student for sex, ethnic, religious or personal reasons.

In same vein student where warned not to offer money,sex,or other enticement. In exchange for higher grade or alternation/forgery of record/document. nothing is usually said on the punishment to be meterd out on defaulting lecturers .but emphasis is made on student who is involved in any kind of examination malpractice.

This thread is for us to share our experiences or maybe a possible way of overcoming it.wud just mentioned few lies while you add yours.

1: IF YOU SLEEP WITH ME YOU WILL HAVE AN “A” IN MY COURSES: this usually happen to year one female student especially, lecturers tend to catch them young. when lecturers do this the tend to pave way for some gehs wey don spoil from house come, dem go just continue to dey sleep with lecturer till dem graduate.sure way to pass#use wat you got to get what you want.

2: SO SO PERCENTAGE OF CLASS ATTENDANCE: na this one the pain me pass.some lecturers sha dem wicked oo .imagined a student who attends clasess regularly, do assignment, write test,write exam, some of this lecturers end up not using attendance or assignment. I remember when we use to pay for lecturers assignment which was always compulsory,after all this they still fail you.

3: IF YOU DON’T BUY MY TEXT BOOK NO EXAM: I remember one baddo lecturer in Unical with a nickname; shapely bend down .(lol). I say that man go buy 80leaves write all the students name with their passport and telephone number, with about 500 hundred student in a class although we became less as the semester progress. You will have to go to his office On your own for the text boook and he will tick your name, with that he was able to select the girls he will sleep with.

4: GO AND READ THIS AREA OF CONCRNTRATION: At the end you go read taya and not even one question will come out from there.

Abeg guys, Please drop your comment about your Lecturers??