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    Checkout 6 Top Nigerian Celebrities And Their Most Expensive Designer Fashion Items – (See Photos)



    Luxurious fashion items is one thing that definitely makes a celebrity stand out and show to the world how much of a success they have achieved. While some celebrities see expensive fashin items as investments, some others see it as a necessary accessory.

    This evening, we take a good look at 5 Nigerian celebrities and their expensive fashion items. We don’t mean these are the celebrities with the most expensive, we only mean these are the ones that have at some point flaunted very expensive fashion items.fash-wizkid5


    Wizkid is without a doubt one of the few celebrities who loves to spend a ton of cash on fashion items.

    The star boy in an interview once said:

    “My wristwatches are my favourite fashion pieces, I really have a cool collection.”

    Wizkid is also the proud owner of a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller watch that costs about N7.4M. Besides this pricey watch, he is known to have expensive designer sneakers and other expensive jewelry.fash-wizkid fash-wizkid4



    Davido is without an atom of doubt one of the jet-set celebrities in Nigeria that loves his fashion just as much as he loves his music.

    Davido believes when you work hard, you also have to spend hard as well.fash-davido2

    The singer like other celebrities shows off his expensive fashion items on his Instagram page. Davido once revealed that the price of his wristwarch can give one Conjunctivitis.

    And from our little research, the singer loves expensive Rolex watches which cost several millions of naira.fash-davido3

    Davido owns a Day-Date II Rose Gold Presidential Rolex whic cost an estimated N6million and also a Sky-Dweller Rolex watch as well which also cost several millions.fash-davido5

    The singer also loves his neckpiece expensive as well and recently showed off a custom neck-piece which is a replica image of the singer and it costs an estimated N11million.




    D’banj is an international singet and one of Nigeria’s greatest musical export as well. D’banj is not only credited for several hit songs but also his adorable fashion sense and debonaire look each time he steps out.fash-dbanj2

    The singer has been tagged by some fans as the most fashionable celebrity in the country. The singer who rocks two wristwatches at a time revealed he uses it to check on time zones as he’s usually always on tour around the world.

    The Koko Master spoke to Punch in an interview about his fashion weakness:

    -How many pairs of glasses do you own?

    “The ones I cannot use anymore and everybody knows is like 60. I change them everyday, the one I’m wearing is new. It’s Bespoke by Tommy Hilfiger.”

    -What is your fashion weakness?

    “Before, I thought it was the suit. Later I thought it was the jewelry, but now I just think it is everything. It might just be a T-shirt or something intriguing. For me, I don’t know but I believe fashion is about how you feel. Dress how you want to be addressed. It is not about the shoe, or the watch, it is a full package.” he said.


    On what is the most expensive fashion item he owns D’banj said:

    I’ll have to think about that. It depends. When it comes to what I love most in my wardrobe, I’d say ‘nothing’. I’m always wearing expensive things; like now, I have two watches on my wrist. I’m putting on a Franck Muller, master of complication. It goes for at least $50,000. The other is a big face, the same one Jay-Z is rocking.


    Kcee is a Nigerian singer who is known for his luxurious lifestyle andexpensive way of stepping out. The singer who is also a self-acclaimed fashion icon definitely knows how to spend his money on great fashion items.fash-kcee1

    Like other top celebrities, Kcee never forgets to tell his fans when he acquires a very expensive wristwatch or automobile.fash-kcee2

    The singer is a proud owner of a Submariner Rolex wristwatch which cost about N1.7million. The singer also has several luxurious sneakers which cost a handful of cash.

    fash-genevieveGENEVIEVE NNAJI

    Genevieve Nnaji is one of the most celebrated actress in Nollywood today. The actress is not only praised for her acting prowess and beauty but also for her great fashion sense as well.

    The actres doesn’t love to show off but definitely loves to stand out by rocking expensive things. The actress recently revealed that her designer bags is her favorite and most important fashion accessory.fash-genevieve3

    The actress has been spotted rocking a Chanel Lego ‘Clutch’ which costs about N1.3million.

    The actress is also a proud owner of a Rolex wristwatch which costs an estimated N4million.

    fash-freezeFREEZE [Cool FM]

    Popular MC and Radio presenter, real names Ifedayo Olarinde a.k.a Freezeor Daddy Freeze is one of the few Nigerian celebrities who own luxuriousfashion items and are proud to show it off.

    The OAP revealed he had a collection of wristwatches to the tune of N32million and has shared photos of his several watch collections.fash-freeze1

    In an interview, when he was asked about his watch collections, he said;

    Not like how many, like how much. I have maybe $200,000 in wristwatches. What I am wearing now is a Rolex Daytona, I got it from Polo for Christmas. It cost about $30,000. Polo is Nigeria’s only authorised dealer, so I bought it from the company and I love it. I love pens too. Sometimes I could just be like a woman. I love things that shine but not all the time. I like cufflinks, pens but I am not the necklace or a bracelet kind of guy. Though I wear bracelets once in a while; so I like my cufflinks, pens and wristwatches, any attire that would show them off, I am good with it.


    Source: 36NG