Check out how Yahoo Boys are Using BVN to Scam Nigerians (See Photos)

Steal Money
‎It’s unfortunate that the Fraud has become a component of the Fabric of the Nigerian society.Daily unscrupulous Nigerians device devilish of defrauding their fellow
Citizens of their hard earned cash!

I get several emails daily I also believe that others get this mails too, my elder brother once lost his savings to this men of the underworld.

At about 12 midnight one day he started receiving alerts for Monies he never withdrew by day break the account was empty!!!
Why?  He filled the demonic form online ‎!!!!

The lastest  weapon of these lazy men and women is the BVN  a Biometric identification means that was introduced by the central Bank to safeguard bankers and their deposits

Their Scheme ‎

They  copy the design of the Bank in question, colour, language, pics just name it

They Send a customized email in the Banks Name with Links to a site where the will collect your particulars including ATM Numbers and PINS


They target Customers mainly On Fridays or in Public Holidays that way the Customer find it Difficult to contact the Bank to Block the card until his or her account is emptied


BVN registration cannot be done online the owner of the account must present his/herself physically for his thumb print and other data to be captured

No Bank sends email with any Link to Validate any account or Cash Any Money once you see an email with aa Link to a Data base it’s a FRAUD click at your own risk

NO bank will ever ask for your PIN NO matter the circumstances

See a Copy of the Mail I got this evening! See Pics Below

I do not have any Account with ACCESS BANK
Yet Fake ACCESS Bank in a Bedroom somewhere with a Laptop is threatening to close an account that does not even exist!