Check out 5 dead celebrities still earning more Money than you (See how Much each made in 2015)


Dead celebrities making more money

Forbes released its top earning dead celebrities list for 2015 and Michael Jackson tops the list.  On the list, Micheal is the last celebrity who died in 2009.

See the top 5 list…

1. Michael Jackson ($115 million)

He’s still the King of Pop even in death.

This year, Michael Jackson leads Forbes list of highest earning dead celebrities with an estimated $1 billion since his death, according to Forbes.

The superstar passed away in 2009 but has raked in more than $115 million in album and merchandise sales in the last year alone.

2. Elvis Presley ($55 million)

Holding steady at $55 million. The late King of Rock n’ Roll has been making more money than most living stars and thanks to his Graceland ticket sales.

3. Charles Schulz ($40 million)

The ‘Peanuts’ creator has a cut of licensing revenue from the popular comic to thank for his huge paychecks. Charlie Brown and Co. are now hitting the big screen in a 3-D flick, The Peanuts Movie, out in November 2015.

4. Bob Marley ($21 million)

This reggae legend is becoming quite a businessman even in death. How is Bob Marley still raking in $21 million a year? Well his beverage company (Marley Beverage company ‘home to relaxation drink’), audio and lifestyle products coupled with music pays the money.

5. Elizabeth Taylor ($20 million)

The legendary actress remains the titan of a celebrity fragrance business. At $20 million a year – one could say Taylor is stinking rich. Of course, the major source of that income is her fragrance, White Diamonds.

Source: The Net