Charles Novia, Foluke Daramola in War of Words over Jonathan & Buhari


Nollywood film-maker and critic, Charles Novia and Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola, hardly have anything in common and, as such, rarely have their paths crossing. But the prevailing political atmosphere in the country engendered by support for either President Goodluck Jonathan or General Muhammadu Buhari may have turned the duo into gladiators set for each other’s jugular on the political arena.

While Charles is a die-hard supporter of President Goodluck Jonathan, Foluke Daramola pitches her tent with the Buhari group. Trouble started, according to Vanguard, between them when Charles stated that 99% of entertainers are in support of President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term bid. In
reaction to the statement, Foluke said it could not be unless Charles was making up figure in mere fantasy.

“When artistes collectively endorse a person or join hands in the majority to support a cause, the Heavens listen and join. Those within the fold who leave the line make their choices and Freudian slips. They become tragic heroes or comic villains. I respect the choices the 1% on the other side of the divide have made but when it comes to GEJ, the entertainment sector is fully in the majority in support of him” stated Charles Novia.

Foluke Daramola on the other hand would not have any of the statement as she curtly slammed Charles for his statement and reaffirmed her support for Buhari.

“You are obviously wrong with that maybe that’s a figment of your imagination. You can’t make  collective statement on behalf of everyone. On the contrary, many of us voluntarily support Buhari. In the time of OBJ we knew how he favoured artistes even without him giving us a dime but in GEJ’s time, all of us are being wooed by appointments, money and recognition in Aso Rock. A lot of us feel we need someone that would teach us how to fish, not one that would always give us fish. True value can never be bought with money. So, Mr Charles Novia don’t make collective statement because people like us that have values don’t take it lightly” she fires back.

But Charles Novia would not back down as he fired back:

“Daramola, obviously you are part of the 1%. My points on the subject suffices. Is it an old man who has 150 cows as an asset who will teach you how to fish in his old age? Sorry o. Many of us will stick to the tested fisherman from Otueke who knows how to catch fish and can teach us too”