Buhari’s Victory, Not A Popular Mandate – Northern Statesman Says


Buhari 1 (1)

Without minding that he hailed from the same region with the president-elect, Balarabe Musa, an elder statesman has said Buhari’s victory in the March 28 presidential polls does not reflect the wish of the generality of Nigerians.


He said an election won on a shortfall of 42 million registered voters isn’t a reflection of the true will of the people. Only 28 million of the total 70 million registered voters took active participation in the election.

The national chairman of the de-registered Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), said, Buhari has a mandate but not popular, he therefore wants the president-elect to form a government which will comprise all political parties.

The former governor of old Kaduna state said, the only fortunate thing about the just concluded polls is that Nigeria is not divided despite anxieties before the elections.

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