Buhari Will Shock Many People From May 29 (Read More)


Buhari 2

A chieftain of the APC, Chief Inibehe Okori, has said that the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, will shock many, especially critics, with his pronouncements on May 29 as soon as he takes over power.

“Unlike other presidents who were not prepared for leadership but foisted on the country by individuals and interest groups, the President-elect has consistently presented himself to the electorate to lead the country on four occasions and had his visions well enunciated.

“Buhari is taking over government on May 29 and from that day,
I expect that he will make major pronouncements that will position Nigeria for greatness. This country must have a direction and move in the way it should. We don’t have any reason to be poor. We have no reason to remain the way we are – not after earning more than $50bn annually from oil and gas.”

Speaking in Akwa Ibom State capital, Uyo, Chief Okori, who is the party’s senatorial candidate for the Akwa Ibom North-West senatorial district, added that Buhari’s proclamation, dedication and discipline will go a long way in restoring hope, faith and confidence of the citizens in the country.

Explaining that the expectations of the people from the incoming administration were high, he noted that there is the need for Nigerians to be patient with Buhari’s administration to deliver its promises.

He assured that within one year of Buhari’s presidency, the international perception about the country would change and Nigeria would regain her rightful place in the comity of nations.