Buhari Inauguration Committee Members: Are They Really “Credible” (Read More on their past)



President-elect Muhammadu Buhari over the years has promised to appoint credible Nigerians into his cabinet. In fact, he is expected to come on board with fresh ideas and technocrats to help achieve his promises. However, a look at his Presidential Inauguration Committee gives one cause to question whether some of the members could really effect change that Buhari preaches. They are…

1. Timpre Sylva- Chairman Buhari Inauguration Committee

In February 2012, EFCC instituted lawsuit against Timpre Sylva for N5billion money laundering charge. Sylva fled Bayelsa state shortly after being sacked from Bayelsa state Government House by the Supreme

court. Corruption charges against him was filed in absentia.


May 2013: EFCC arrested and detained exGov Timpre Sylva for corruption charges that runs into N48billion. In fact, when the EFCC operatives swooped on Sylva’s house,

his aides told them that Sylva was away, while he was inside. In the words of EFCC Source(as reported by Vanguard)

“Ironically, the ex-governor, who was said to be out of town, was later found hiding in a dingy corner in the upper chamber of his expansive mansion.

“He was immediately whisked away and is currently being interrogated at the Abuja headquarters of the anti- graft agency,” .

Sylva had earlier been on the run in his bid to evade arrest.


N/B: Sylva’s Corruption Case is still on as at July 2014 and still on as at today…


2. Kawu Baraje, Member Buhari Inauguration Committee

He was a Former National Secretary of the PDP and a founding member of the party. He served as Chairman, Nigeria Railway Corporation. On November 2013 the Board of NRC passed vote of no confidence on Baraje for his ““inability or refusal” to convene board meetings, as statutorily prescribed, had stalled progress of the board in the discharge of its duties.” Though he eventually resigned voluntarily, he never denied nor refuted the allegation against him.


3. John Shagaya, Member Buhari Inauguration Committee

A retired Army General that served as the Internal Affairs Minister under IBB administration. He was also a member He was a Senator under PDP platform between 2007 and 2011. During the Military era, he was a core “IBB” boy and he declared at one time that “he was proud to be called IBB boy” at his 66th birthday. Shagaya also participated in the 1966 counter coup


4. Babagana Kingibe, Member Buhari Inauguration Committee

He was the running mate to Chief MKO Abiola during the 1993 Presidential election that was annuled by IBB. Kingibe later turned his back against Abiola to join the Abacha’s regime at a time when Abiola was fighting for his mandate. He was rewarded with Ministery of Foreign Affairs and later that of Internal Affairs . He was also appointed Secretary to the Government by late Musa Yaradua in June 2007, but was fired barely one year later for disloyalty to the government. Tribune Newspaper had reported that Kingibe had said in 2008 that “in the event that the president could not continue in office, power should not be handed over to Jonathan” as he insisted that a Northerner should act as president


5. Alhaji Babachir Lawal,Member Buhari Inauguration Committee

He is the National Vice Chairman (North East) of the APC. He shamelessly condemned the impeachment proceeding against exGov Murtala Nyako that bothers on corruption rather than address the allegation against the exGovernor. In fact he said impeaching Nyako will mean plunging the state into a state of utter despair instead of challenging the exGovernor to respond to the allegations of corruption against him. The Impeached exGovernor has been on the run since the day of his impeachment(to evade justice)


Source: http://solomontonye.blogspot.com/2015/04/buhari-inauguration-committee-credible.html