Buhari First 7 Horrible Acts Since Becoming President Elect



1. A legion of excuses and change of promises

Since winning election, Buhari has been singing a new tune totally different from what he told us prior to the elections. From “dont expect miracles”, to “my agenda threaten by falling oil prices” Now we even hear that the APC’s manifestos which Nigerians voted for ‘is not the bible or Qur’an which can not be change’ See gobe

2. Barring AIT
Old habits die hard. ‘repentant democrat’ indeed. The fate of even nairaland is in the balance

3. Rewarding founder of BBOG group with political appointment
That the activities of this group is suspect from the start is no news but with this all doubts about their mission and aims have been cleared. They may have many lofty aims as a group but now we know that rescuing the chibok girls is not one of their aims

4. Promises Selective probes (Case in point, Sanusi’s £20 billions)
One of the think Buhari was accused of during the campaigns was his tendacy for selective prosecutions. Now tell me, what about the Financial Reporting Council allegations of fraudulent financial recklessness leveled against Sanusi himself including the Sanusi’s claim that it paid N38.233 billion to the Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Company Plc in 2011 for the “printing of bank notes” whereas the turnover of the entire printing and minting company group is N29.370 billion.

5.Promoting god fatherism in Nigeria political space
From hanging out with OBJ to granting interview to Aljezera insinuating that OBJ is his political god father. We all know that political god fatherism is one of the bane of our national development as all political god fathers are rent seekers

6. Making Corrupt politicians the pillars of his team
For some one who made all the right noises about fighting corruption to be nomination a committee filled with people with corruption cases with EFCC leave much to be desired. Even making Timipre Sylva, who is accused of stealing N19.2billion from the state treasury while he governed the state between 2007 and 2011 as the head of his team is a shame

7. Forming a parallel government.
Through his actions and utterances, the incoming government was overheating the polity and carrying out actions which tend to undermine the powers of President Goodluck Jonathan. Do unto other as you wish other do to you