Boko Haram: The REAL war against terrorists (Must-watch videos)


Until lately that the Nigerian military is seemingly conquering the Boko Haram fighters, soldiers and residents of Borno villages were dying every day like fowls.

Nigerians only read, listened and watched the war against Boko Haram on the news – at least once in a week, scores of soldiers were reported dead, not just killed by the terrorists’ bullets, some of them were butchered. Nobody saw or had a glimpse of the real war.

In this videos recorded by VICE News correspondent Kaj Larsen, Nigerian soldiers are shown committed to die defending the Nigerian soil. It shows the unimaginable horror that happen on the front-lines.

The videos show in a deeper light, the sacrifice and the happy-to-die-for-my-country spirit of Nigerian soldiers

Larsen is the only journalist on the front-lines.

Watch the videos below:

Source: Pulse