Bizarre Illegal Immigration Techniques: How People And Drugs Are Smuggled (See Photos)

This is a set of photos showing different ways of smuggling people and drugs across borders. Plenty of inventive and desperate people have come up with a number of imaginative schemes for sneaking themselves and others across national borders.
The more it difficult for them to smuggle, the more ingenious methods they invent.
135-lb woman was hidden behind the dashboard of a car.(2001).
A border crosser was caught attempting to enter the U.S. concealed inside a seat occupied by another passenger.
Two people hidden in the emptied engine compartment of an importing van.
Illegal immigrants found in compartments in the floor of a car.


An illegal immigrant hidden behind the back seat of a passenger car.
In June 2009, Border Patrol agents discovered 73 illegal immigrants crammed in the back of a tractor trailer.
Customs officers arrested a 36-year-old Mexican truck driver after finding more than half a ton of marijuana into the United States inside concrete furniture that he was transporting into the U.S.
After X-raying the load, officers broke apart the concrete goods.

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The garden hose reels were in the back of a landscapers truck, along with gardening tools. Marijuana was discovered hidden inside the reels.

A woman was arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border on Dec. 17, 2009, when federal officers staffing San Ysidro Port of Entry found a nine-pound stash of marijuana inside her daughter’s stroller.
Border agents arrested a 22-year old Chula Vista man after they found 112 pounds of marijuana hidden in a big screen TV in the cargo area of the vehicle he was driving.
Border Patrol agents arrested two Los Angeles women in June 2009 after finding 166 pounds of marijuana hidden in their minivan. Authorities estimated that the drugs had a street value of more than $100,000. The women were carrying two children in the Dodge Caravan.
Drugs concealed in a body panel of a Mercedes Benz.
Heroin hidden in the differential of a vehicle.
A 16-year-old boy was caught trying to smuggle drugs across the border by taping packets to his body.