Big Brother housemate expelled for alleged rape (Read More)


Siyanda Ngwenyaa contestant on the South African version of Big Brother, has been accused of 'sexual misconduct' with a female housemate after drunken night of partying on the show

A man identified as Siyanda Ngwenya, simply known as Adams, has been expelled from the South African version of Big Brother for allegedly raping a fellow housemate.

According to Sowetan reports, Adams who had been drunk following a night of partying in the house, was reported to have raped Axola ‘Bexx’ Mbengo, a female contestant while she was asleep.

This incident occurred after the pair was seen on TV kissing and cuddling in bed before the cameras moved away. Fellow housemates have been banned from talking to the media about the controversy but the lady in question also faces rustication from the house for what producers refer to as her ‘own well-being’.

The pair were last seen on TV kissing and cuddling before going to bed together where the alleged rape took place. Ngwenya reportedly boasted to housemates the next day that he had sex with the woman

Source: The Net