Beauty Products: Find out just how useful weed is to your beauty look


So smoking weed is probably a crime but who says you couldn’t use it in awesome new inventions?

Fact is weed has myriad uses and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Most people work with raw, dried, grounded weed, mixing it into hair and body cremes, cancer patients use it to fight nausea while some use it for eye conditions.

Who knew weed could be manufactured into so much more?

Here are five beauty products made from weed which gives us just another reason why this wonderful plant should be lagalised.

Apothecanna pain creme

Body moisturizer plus pot tells most of the tale but body moisturizer plus hempseed oil equals smooth, glowing legs.

“It’s one of the more moisturizing natural oils because it’s got the right ratio of essential fatty acids that are compatible with the skin,” says Jeannette Graf, a dermatologist in Great Neck, New York.

Just in case you couldn’t tell from Apothecanna’s logo, these lotions are loaded with hempseed oil.

Mary Jane’s medicinals lip bong

The name says it all. The ingredients are legit: There are a ton of moisturizing natural oils—like hempseed,jojoba, and sweet almond—in this stick.

Hempseed oil

You can probably buy pot lollipops, gummies, and espresso beans. In New York City,most have settled for hempseed oil. It’s sold at Whole Foods. It won’t get you high, but it will chill you out, literally. “It’s very soothing and is used to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis,” says Graf.

The body shop hemp body care

The Body Shop’s line of lip balm, body butters, and soap is also fueled by hydrating hempseed oil. Starting with this pot-shaped soap on a rope.

Cannabis xxx body rescue butter

The XXX in the name sounds sketch, but hempseed oil and other pot extracts really do ease pain—and not just like that. “Hempseed oil and cannabidiol are soothing and anti-inflammatory,” says Graf.

Plus, this body butter has arnica, which makes bruises heal faster, even if you don’t really remember how you got them.

Source: Pulse