Basket Mouth Reveals Why He Was Absent At AYLIVE



It has been rumoured of the hidden beef between comedians Ayo Makun and Basket Mouth. In an interview with Saturday Beats, Basket Mouth clarified the rival reports of how he left the AY show without even getting into the hall of the main event

“I was not booked to appear at AY’s show. My name was not publicised as part of the people to be at the show. It is not about comedians being united; AY did his show and never mentioned that Basketmouth would perform, so why would people expect me to be there? It doesn’t make sense.”

On why he had to be at the venue if he knew he wasn’t going to enter the hall

“It was just a coincidence that I was at the venue of the show while it was ongoing.
I could not even be a guest at AY’s show because I had another gig on that day I was rushing off to.“The way we think in this country is very funny. You go to the market to buy a Mercedes and hope to get a Rolls Royce engine, it is not possible. They sold a product and said that some people would perform, so why should people expect that I would be there? There is no beef between AY and I. I am an easy going person and I’m very cordial with everybody,”

Source: Jaguda