Ambode Condemns Oba’s Outburst In ‘strongest Terms’



Fellow Lagosians,

*I received the news of Oba Akiolu’s alleged outbursts and veiled threats against the igbos with great consternation, I condemn the high-handedness of the Oba in the STRONGEST terms..

* Lagos is a microcosm of Nigeria and the Igbos remain a crucial partner in its development..

*Akiolu’s statement doesn’t in anyway reflect the thinking in the APC or its govt that have given igbos a fair deal.

* Are you aware that Lagos APC spokesman, Joe Igbokwe is Igbo? Are you aware that the Commissioner of Economic Planning &Budget, Ben Akabueze is igbo? Amongst others..

* Ambode and Agbaje are both Yorubas.. Administrative acumen, cognate experience, financial wizardry should be the KEY parameters with which they should be assessed..

*AMBODE stands tall in all and far above Agbaje whose only speciality is in dispensing drugs!..Lagos is not an hospital or a pharmacy!

* Let’s vote for SYNERGY with the Federal Govt for once to speed up development in Lagos..If we love FASHOLA, then we will TRUST his judgement!

* ‪#‎VoteAmbode4Governor‬ ‪#‎VoteAPC4BetterLagos‬ ..Lets continue with the excellence in governance!