Agonies Of Inec Adhoc Staffs: A Case Study Of Eboyi State (A must Read)

AGONIES OF INEC ADHOC STAFFSA case study of Eboyi state.

The Nigerian general elections has come and gone. The Presidential and gubernatorial election were conducted on the 28th of mach and 11th April 2015 respectively. It is very clear that the INEC cannot conduct a successful election without employing the adhoc staff,The INEC opened up their website to receive application for any interested person to work as an adhoc staff and millions of Nigerians applied for it and went for the training.

This training took place across the nation,some took place in a very conducive environment while a large potion of the applicant received their orientation under the mango trees and some under the canopy while others trained directly under the sun..

I was among those who were train under the canopy without a single chair to seat. Or any refreshment for four days in Ebonyi state.

Due to the fact that the election was postponed, JEGA mapped out another two days for refreshers training which was successful.

During the election,we left our homes on friday to the INEC center in preparation of the election.

It is inhuman that on the eve of the election we spent the night in an open field where they were no little protection to the cold weather, it was a pitiable pity that we did not bath,sleep or ate anything for the three days spent in the presidential election and same thing on the gubernatorial election.

Despite the suffering and agonies we pass through during the electoral process,we were able to deliver a transparent,credible,free and fair election In the history of Nigeria,The INEC (JEGA) are yet to pay us.

After the Elections,many of us got sick due to cold some had accident on their way home and we spent money to cure ourselves. many are still suffering from pneumonia, ulcer and many more due to the fact that INEC did not really cared for us like feedings and accommodating us.

In as much as the money to be paid by INEC is a peanut compared to the risk,challenges,and suffering we passed through during the electoral process, INEC has refused to pay us the nine thousand naira the feel like paying.
Few has been paid while majority are yet to receive an alert.

JEGA please answer my humble questions below.

1. What are the factors responsible for the delay in payment?
2. does it mean they is no money budgeted to the adhoc staff?

3. Could it be that some big guns ([email protected] top) are holdig the money hostage?
4. could this inhuman act be link to corruption?
5. Is JEGA this heartless?
6. Why does the Nigerian government care little about their citizen except you shout and turns violent?
7. what happened to N120bn budgeted for the conduct of the poll by the Independent National Electoral Commission?

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